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" God Bless The USA"

The Prater Family sends out our prayers to all of our Military Troops, and their Families!!

Tickets  $12.00 :  Showtime: 7:00 p.m.

Saturday February,18th;





 Kamea Brackett;
                      Kamea just turned 12 in June and has been singing ever since she was little. Kamea usually sings and plays music with her brothers and Grandparents,mostly Bluegrass/old country and Gospel

      ...She is in the 7th grade and lives in Competition,Mo. She started playing mandolin and bass but fell in love with the piano and now that his her main instrument. Kamea loves music and is very excited to be on the show. 


 Angel Borge;


Angel comes to us from Richland Mo. where she goes to school. Angel has been on our show a couple of times and has a very busy schedule which makes it hard for us to get her on the show more. Angel's dad is in the Army and is stationed at Ft. Wood.




Zaina Borge:
     Zaina is 11 years old and is the little sister of Angel, she is in the 4th grade and is home schooled.
       We are very happy that she has decided to come sing for us.


Dale Hobbs;

      Dale comes to us from Lebanon Mo, and he loves to come and sing on our show. Dale has been coming now for 10 years and he plans on moving off soon and we sure will miss him. Dale has been on our special shows and does a lot of our harmony.

Heather Johns;
                                                                   Heather is becoming a regular on our show.
A very experienced Country singer/entertainer. Heather loves to sing ,but she is also a full time mother to her son Parker who sang on the show a while back. Heather has a sweet personality and we love having her on the show.   

Tickets  $12.00 :  Showtime: 7:00p.m.

Saturday February,25th;

   Shayla Wilson;
  Shayla is our grand daughter and the mother of our sweet little Hayden, she loves to sing when she finds the time from working and being a mom. Shayla like to come to the show every chance she gets.

 Kensli Ray

    Kensli is such a cute little entertainer and she just loves to sing. Kensli is the daughter of Joey which is Brenda Rays sister, so Kensli wants to sing like Aunt Brenda. Kensli is 7 years old and is from Springfield Mo.                       

Brenda Ray:

  Brenda loves to sing and it sure shows when she steps on stage.

Brenda has been on our show a few times and we always enjoy having her. Brenda tells us she loves to sing in her spare time and is looking forward to coming back on the show. 



      Rick Arnell: 

 Rick Arnell is one of the top entertainers in the area, bundled together his experience, great vocals, stage presence, & a truly fine person, we are always proud to have Rick come to the stage. Rick has a very busy, well rounded schedule, being in law enforcement as well as the music business, Rick also has a daughter that is performing in Nashville. So you see, it is in the family.