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" God Bless The USA"

The Prater Family sends out our prayers to all of our Military Troops, and their Families!!

Tickets  $10.00 :  Showtime: 7:00p.m.

Saturday April, 30th;

Saturday April 30th;


Jenny Wright;
   Jenny has been performing literally her entire life, She loves to sing , and is considered one fine vocalists . Jenny used to work on our show but she went on to work full time. Once that girl opens her mouth and begins to sing, well then you will see how much she really loves to sing .






 Wayane Cooper;                             

                                                                                     Wayne used to be a regular on

                                                                              the  show but due to some health isues

                                                                                  he has not been on the show for awhile now. 

                                                                                       We call wayne  the aligator man and you will see  why when he sings, because it fits him so well.

                                             Look out here comes Wayne  Moses lol,



Tickets  $15.00 :  Showtime: 7:00p.m.

     May 7th;



Old Time 50's Show;
 Here we go again going off the deep end, doing a fun night for all. I would like our audience to participate in the fun, poodle skirts, cut off blue jeans, rolled up T shirts, etc. We will be having hotdogs, chips, ice cream, and soda's that night,  just like the good old days. I think we will just have a rock and roll goodtime. I want everyone to come out and rock around the clock with us, and we will be taking pictures and giving them to you for coming out and supporting us.