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" God Bless The USA"

The Prater Family sends out our prayers to all of our Military Troops, and their Families!!

We are closed this Saturday night!!!


Saturday May,28th;

We will be closed due to Memorial weekend , so be careful out there and have some family time or take a short trip...
Please drive safe!!


Tickets  $10.00 :  Showtime: 7:00 p.m.

Saturday June,4th;

Tickets  $10.00 :  Showtime: 7:00 p.m.

Saturday June,4th;




Jim & Darlene Hayes;
Jim has been one of our band members and we sure are glad to get him back to sing and play, a very talented musician & vocalist, and a wonderful personality as well.Darlene his wife has performed on our stage many times before, but we haven't seen them in a while, a crowd favorite and it is good to have Jim & Darlene back on our stage.


        Lancer Blair:

   Lancer loves to sing and it sure shows when he steps on stage.

 Lancer comes all the way from Cuba and he loves to

 come and  sing on our show. Lancer says if he had it his way he would be there every weekend, for he loves our show and singing with the band.



Jody Vogt:

 Jody won first place in a singing contest and got to go perform at the Wild Horse Salon in Nashville Tennessee. Jody likes to sing every chance he gets and it shows, he has a good voice and has sang at the Truman Lake Opry in Warsaw Mo. I believe we all love to hear Jody sing.





June 11th,7:00 p.m.




            Carol & Leota Caudle ;

Carroll & Leota will be performing some good old country favorites. I am so glad these two chose to come and sing on our show, for they add so much. I know the first time they got on stage the audiance loved them and starting asking to get them back on



Heather Johns:   
          This will be Heather's fourth time on our show.
A very experienced Country singer/entertainer. Heather hasn't been here in over a year, so let's welcome her back.         






Presley Puig:

   Presley loves to sing and it sure shows when she steps on stage. Presley comes from a family who plays music ,so it came as no surprise when she started to sing. She has been performing on stage since she was eight years old in competitions, and special shows. From Climax Springs Mo., Presley is one of the finest upcoming vocalists in the business.