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" God Bless The USA"

The Prater Family sends out our prayers to all of our Military Troops, and their Families!!

Tickets  $10.00 :  Showtime: 7:00 p.m.

Saturday June,25th;




Emma Scarey:
   Emma is one of the crowds favorite and comes from Max Creek, when Emma opens
  her mouth a suprise comes for us all as this girl has such a powerful voice. Emma may be small but she can take charge when she is on stage.






Chris Miller;
Chris had no idea how he was going to be accepted at our Theater until he came to the show with a friend, and was convinced to audition, He loved it, and the audience loved him. Since then Chris has entertained our audience on a regular basis and brings a great vocal talent to our stage. You will truly enjoy Chris everytime he performs on our stage..

Heather Johns:   
   Heather comes to us from Warsaw Mo. 
      This will be Heather's fourth time on our show.
A very experienced Country singer/entertainer. Heather hasn't been here in over a year, so let's welcome her back.        

     Kamea Lynn Brackett;

     Kamea just turned 12 in June and has been singing every since she was little. Kamea usually sings and plays with her brothers and Grandparents,mostly Bluegrass/old country and Gospel

      ...She is in the 7th grade and lives in Competition,Mo. She started playing mandolin and bass but fell in love with the piano and now that his her main instrument. Kamea loves music and is very excited to be on the show.